October 7: Chiang | O’Brien Architects


Chiang | O’Brien Architects 217 North Aurora Street (office is located on the 2nd floor)

Grace Chiang and Bob O’Brien founded Chiang O’Brien Architects in 2012, after working together for more than 30 years. In imagining a contemporary practice, their synergistic partnership between Grace Chiang and Bob O’Brien created a new firm based on forward thinking paradigms, and the recent move into new office space truly reflects the philosophies of the practice. Egalitarian ideals are manifested in the elimination of private offices, with all staff, from interns to principals, working side-by-side in an open office environment that engenders collaboration and creative expression. Architecture is about creating places for people to live, learn, work, and play. Chiang O’Brien is focused on designing sustainable buildings for institutions of higher education that foster creative thinking, teaching, research, and caregiving in supportive environments where our societal values can thrive.  Chiang | O’Brien Architects will be presenting Cornell Health and other new projects.