September 2: Sarah’s Patisserie

Sally Ryan Sarah's Pattisserie

Sarah’s Patisserie (103 E Seneca St).

Sally Ryan: Healing in Color

Join us on this lively journey of color and light with Sally’s latest abstracts in Acrylic and Collage.
Sally works intuitively letting color. shape and texture emerge and lead the way. “I start with something that has inspired me visually in my day like light filtering through the forest after a heavy rain. Then, I translate that vision to the canvas by layering paint, paper and other found objects. I listen from the inside out and attempt to be brave, curious and playful. Typically, I  have a great time!”

September 2: Eye

Giselle Potter eye.jpg

Eye (126 E state St, 2nd floor above Petrune).

Various Artists, About Face

About Face is eye Ithaca’s first group show with over 20 painters, photographers, and sculptors’ depiction of the face, human and otherwise. Creators include Kaleb Hunkele, Janet Woolley, Camille Chew, Terry Plater, Giselle Potter, and some surprises.

PLUS! Diminutives: A Pop-Up of Small Mercies, featuring Leah Strogatz, Erin Deneuville, Ben Marlan, & Amy Browne.

September 2: Lifelong

Carl Schofield Lifelong.jpg

Lifelong (119 W Court St).

Carl Schofield, Photographs

After retiring, Carl Schofield turned his eye to from examining the impact of acid rain as part of Cornell’s department of Natural Resources to capturing images of landscapes, nature, and travel.  Some of his infrared landscape photography, an area of particular interest to him, was featured in Popular Photography, 2001.

September 2: Community Arts Partnership


Community Arts Partnership (171 E State St).

CAP-a-Palooza Art Sale Extraordinaire

Hundreds of pieces of donated art will be displayed in the CAP ArtSpace Gallery, all available for purchase right off the walls!  Prices will range from $25 for the majority of unframed work, and $35 to $250 for framed pieces.  Work on display will continue to be replenished as sales are made throughout the month of September.  The sale ends on September 30th.

If you have art you’d like to donate, e-mail Robin Schwartz at to make a drop off/pick up arrangement.  Donations are tax deductible and CAP will provide a receipt.

September 2: Community School of Music and Arts

Faculty and Staff CSMA.jpg

Community School of Music and Arts (330 E State St).

Spotlight: Faculty and Student Works

A group show of recent works by CSMA’s visual arts faculty and selected students. This exhibition offers a glimpse of the work and individual styles of our teaching artists, together with examples of art created by their adult and youth students.

On view September through October. Get inspired and join us for studio classes this fall!

September 2: Handwork

Charlotte Walsh Handwork

Handwork, Ithaca’s Artisan Cooperative (102 W State St)

Charlotte Walsh, Compliments Fly

Join us in an exploration of jewelry making techniques at Handwork as three artists create their work in-store. Lise Bouvet creates green, eco-jewelry, made from 100% recycled sterling silver and gold. Julie Knittel weaves intricate jewelry from Japanese seed beads, Czech glass, and more. Charlotte Walsh transforms watercolor paintings into lightweight color earrings called “Compliments Fly”. Snacks and refreshments provided.

September 2: Padma Center for Natural Therapies

Laura Lattanzi Sterling Padma Center.jpg

Padma Center for Natural Therapies (114 W Buffalo St).

Laura Lattanzi Sterling, Stillpoints: Meditations on Earth and Spirit

My art is rooted in a deep appreciation for the natural world, and inspired by Native American, Shamanic, and other ancient spiritual traditions that ascribe sacred meaning and power to natural objects. The feathers, leaves, seeds, shells, and bones were once part of a living entity; they contain cells and genetic material, they are remnants of a life experience. The stones were formed over eons from the raw powers of the four elements – earth, air, fire, and water. As such, these objects resonate with a vital energy, which I feel when working with them, and which, I hope, will also be perceived by those who view them. Each piece is a meditation of sorts, a still point, a place to pause for a moment to connect with what is essential in nature and in ourselves.