January 4th, New Roots Charter School


New Roots Charter School 116 N Cayuga St.

“Light, Color, and Nature” by Wayne Gustafson

Wayne Gustafson has an eye for beauty, particularly when light, color, and nature come together to generate a combination of delight and awe.

“Sometimes nature just slaps me in the face with its raw beauty, insisting that I invite it into my camera. Even when I don’t get it just right, my photography always teaches me to see life afresh.”



January 4th, CAP ArtSpace


CAP ArtSpace 171 E. State/MLK Jr. Street (next to Center Ithaca Visitor Center)


Pinwheels – Domenica  Brockman (paintings)

New work by Domenica Brockman exploring geometric abstracts. “I am an abstract painter whose work is influenced by the landscape of my home in upstate New York. The stark light and dark of winter, the shapes of barns, silos, and roads, topographical maps, and the repetition and breaks of patterns in the natural world are all sources of inspiration. Other influences include 70’s graphic design, and African textiles, especially Kuba grass weavings from the Congo, and mud cloth from Burkina Faso (I lived in both African countries as a child). My preferred medium is encaustic paint (pigmented wax and damar) on wood panels.

Thank you to our 2019 ArtSpace sponsor –  Tompkins Trust Company

January 4th, Press Cafe

Press Cafe

Press Cafè in Press Bay Alley118 West Green St
“Visions” by Sarah Rose
This six piece collection is a part of Sarah’s most recent work.  She started the series in early 2018 after a burst of creativity which she channeled through artistic expression.  Painting is her therapy, and she uses art as a way to express her inner light as well as darkness.  These visions she puts onto canvas come to her in dreams both in the day and night.  Pure imaginative expression is what characterizes her body of work.  A young artist, she is just becoming her full self as a creative vessel.

January 4th, Collegetown Bagels


Collegetown Bagels,  203 N Aurora St

2016-2018 Works on Paper by Vanessa McCaffery

Vanessa trained professionally as an artist in college and returned to practicing art in 2016 after a ten-year hiatus.  Pieces here include “Obstinance,” her first drawing in ten years. Vanessa just joined State of the Art Gallery as a new member artist in May.

Her work, especially the larger-scale pieces, challenges the limits of pen and ink while portraying individual creatures of her acquaintance.  Spending time with these animals while photographing them allows keener focus on their physical presence and personality. Even Ed the turkey vulture shows his open and inquisitive nature here.  

January 4th, Handwork

Handwork Artisan Cooperative, 102 West State Street 

Two Foxes Studio at Handwork Co-op
Kimberly Hutsal of Two Foxes Studio will be demonstrating how to block a felt hat. Kimberly is our newest co-op member, creating hats in a wide range of styles and materials.

January 4th, Community School of Music and Arts

Community School of Music and Arts330 East MLK / State Street

Annual Open Exhibition

Curated by painter Suzanne Onodera, this exhibition of works by over 50 emerging and established artists from our community celebrates visual arts in grand style! An annual favorite, this year’s edition is not to be missed! The exhibition will remain on view through January 25.

January 4th, Gimme Coffee State St

Gimme Coffee, 506 W State St

 Seating Room  Recent work by Kelly Cullen 
Cafe Side “ARCHETYPES” Melissa Gericke
“ARCHETYPES”  My name is Melissa Gericke and I am an artist currently residing in Ithaca, NY. I have been creating hand cut collage art since 2008. Most of the themes depicted are based on occult practices, mystical beliefs, or religious symbolism. The images often revolve around an archetypal being or character, whose role is that of provoking a subconscious reaction in the viewer.”