First Friday Gallery Night

Here’s what’s on view in downtown Ithaca:

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The next First Friday Gallery Night will take place on Friday, September 4th

Downtown Exhibitions:

Art in the Alley: September Edition – Wood (Press Bay Alley 116-118 W. Green Street)

art in the alley
Join us in Press Bay Alley for an examination of wood as an art medium. From vessels turned directly from a raw log to laser cut engineered plywood this show will be a wide ranging exploration of the art we make from trees.


Cayuga Aquatics (704 W. Buffalo St.)

cayuga aquaticsThis month the work of Celia Bowers is on show at the Cayuga Aquatics showroom. Celia is an Ithaca artist and will be exhibiting her large abstract studies of light and color, inspired by the sky at sunrise and, in her most recent work, by moonlit night skies. The juxtaposition of sky and water is accomplished with the living art, coral reef aquariums of professional aquarist Steve Lowes also on display. Experience the complementary contrast of the two media and the subject matters depicted.

Visit or call 607.882.1069

Community Arts Partnership ArtSpace (171 State/MLK St. The Commons – enter at Visitor Center)

CAP-a-Palooza photoCAP-a-Palooza Art Sale Preview Show

The Community Arts Partnership’s annual fundraiser features a selection of work donated for CAP’s annual October CAP-a-Palooza Art Sale. September’s ArtSpace exhibit will be preview of a selection of donated work – both from those who make art, and those who collect art. The sale starts on October’s gallery night (October 2nd) in the CAP office, with the majority of work priced at just $25! Come to the September preview show to see what we have!


Community School of Music and Arts Gallery  (330 E. State/MLK St.)

csmaFaculty Show

Enjoy our current exhibition of works by CSMA’s visual arts faculty, on view through September. Featuring paintings and drawings by Rob Licht, Kevin Mayer, Terry Plater, Miriam Rice, and Melissa Zarem, the show offers a glimpse of our instructors’ own creative work prior to the start of fall classes. And this Gallery Night at CSMA becomes a multi-arts event, with free performances by members of our music and dance faculty!

Call: 272-1774 or Visit:

Decorum – too (215 N. Cayuga St. Dewitt Mall)

Joshua Snow, Finger Lakes landscape photography on mixed media

decorum too

A collection of stunning images from across New York, and the Finger Lakes, on mixed media, framed metallic paper prints.

Call 319-0944 or visit

Elevator Music and Art Gallery

@New Roots Charter School (116 North Cayuga Street/The Clinton House)

new rootsThis Line – Jason Salfi

Objects. They are representative. Sometimes objects unlock the most inspired parts of ourselves. Permanence. Nothing is permanent. All living beings alter matter and their environments in ways that outlive themselves. There is always a trace, a legacy, no matter how persistent. Man manipulates matter and builds concept while at the same time placing value beyond immediate utility. Yet everything degrades. All things decompose. Concepts are reinterpreted and morphed. Matter is repurposed and appropriated by whoever is next in line. As concepts, icons, and matter are reinterpreted, reorganized and assigned a new value, objects can be a liability to future generations. There is value in ephemeral forms designed to allow matter and nutrients to flow from one form to the next. My work explores permanence, form, utility, value and the natural cycles that govern everything that we currently know.

Materials: Wood – Maple Ply, Resin. Mycelium . Foam, Carbon fiber. Dust.

Visit or call (607) 882-9220

eye (126 E. State/MLK St., 2nd floor)

eyeAs of Friday, September 4th, there will be a new gallery on the Commons. Housed above Petrune, eye will be an aesthetic cocktail: from photography and painting to illustration, ceramics, and themed shows, we promise to be keenly eclectic and never stale. We are thrilled to be showing Justin Hjortshøj’s photography as our premiere installation. Justin, a native Ithacan, has taken the bulk of his work with handmade 35mm, 70mm, and 120 format panoramic cameras. His perspective on seemingly simple scenarios in places as diverse as Haiti, Brooklyn, and Czechoslovakia is mind-boggling.

Julie Simmons-Lynch, former editor of Heavy Metal magazine and freelance writer and editor, is the director of eye.

Call 342.4414 or visit

Handwork (102 W. State/MLK St.)

handworkBeautiful Beads


Jewelry demonstrations at Handwork featuring handmade beads and advanced beading techniques by our members.

Bonnie Scott of Joyful Adornments will be introducing ‘Acid Etched Glass Beads’ and demonstrating how she creates a combination of matte and shiny surface designs on one bead. The demonstration beads as well as a selection of large focal beads will be available for a limited time at Handwork, for the artist in you to add to your own creations. Join us for an opportunity to ask questions and learn about glass bead making. A video of Bonnie making a glass bead in her studio will be view able all evening.

Call 273.9400 or visit

Ithaca College Art Department’s Creative Space Gallery (215 State/MLK St.)

IC creative space galleryEgoluxe


Growing Obsessions


Andrea M. Aguirre and Tatiana Malkin, two IC BFA candidates, exhibit a culmination of work created in the Creative Space Gallery this summer. Showing completely self-directed work for the first time, this two-person exhibition reflects newfound artistic maturity and an abandonment of fear. With bioluminescence as her inspiration, Andrea M. Aguirre explores the traces of life and light surviving in her post-apocalyptic world, Egoluxe. Through examining inner and outer growth, Tatiana Malkin’s Growing Obsessions seeks to reconcile contradictions in organic nature and its underlying structure.

For more information, search Creative Space Gallery on Facebook.

Lot 10 (106 S Cayuga Street)

lot 10Says artist Emily Breedlove: “My recent work has become more about abstracting the pathways taken in life. I blindly draw paths that I have traveled, then with the use of various materials transform the drawings into three-dimensional pieces. With the use of repetition and light, I hope to create meditative environments that viewers can relate to.”

This exhibit was curated by ARTe,

For more info visit or

Sarah’s Patisserie (130 E. Seneca St. at Seneca Place)


Mary Beth Ihnken: Recent Work

Mary Beth Ihnken has been teaching art camp at her farm this summer. Her new work is inspired by her students’ still lifes as well as life on the farm.

Call 319.0272 or


State of the Art Gallery (120 W. State/MLK St.)

soag“Drawing Space,” an exhibition of paintings by Barbara Mink and Stephan Phillips opens September 2 at State of the Art. Mink explores the erasures of time as well as the contours of space, through a group of architectonic canvases. Phillips finds spaces pregnant with the presence of form and light, with being and knowing. A reception for the artists will be held Friday, September 4, 5-8pm with a wine tasting by Bet the Farm Winery and music by Karla Notarianni.

Call: 277-1626 or Visit:



Sunny Days of Ithaca (123 S. Cayuga St.)

sunny daysMarc Bowers

See what happens when a creative weekend hobby evolves into beautiful works of art! As an artist, Marc Bowers of Elmira, NY, chooses leather as his canvas. His handcrafted “functional art” features hand carved images of wildlife and intricate patterns.

Call 319-5260

Tompkins County Public Library (101 E. Green St.)

tcpl2TCPL presents “Stealing Scenes: The Illustrator’s Look at Shakespeare”

Join us for an opening reception and after-hours access to “Stealing Scenes: The Illustrator’s Look at Shakespeare”

Last year, when the world celebrated the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth, a group of regional illustrators and artists decided to pay homage by using passages from Shakespeare as their inspiration for their artwork. Unique imagery and personal approaches to his timeless texts are the result. Their varied artistic practices and backgrounds, ranging from lettering to children’s illustration to fine art landscapes, make for a rich display of work.

Also on display will be “Rhino Toys” by Rich Tomasello

tcplArt is designed to illicit emotion and generate discussion. This thought-provoking exhibit by Buffalo-based artist Rich Tomasello is no exception. Tomasello’s “Rhino Toys” exhibit uses hand-crafted toys to explore current events and social issues, such as war, school shootings, the pervasiveness of the media, and social injustice.


Call: 272 4557 or E-mail or visit

The History Center in Tompkins County (401 E. State/MLK St.)


The History Center in Tompkins County is excited to host Samuel B. Lupowitz & The Ego Band for a performance of songs from their most recent album Ten Square Miles on Friday, September 4th, 2015 from 6:00 to 7:30 PM. Recorded in Newfield’s own Grammy-winning music studio (Electric Wilburland), Ten Square Miles features songs about coming of age in Ithaca, New York – from songs inspired by the city’s folklore and history (“Lucifer Falls,” “Green Street Blues,” and “The Haunt”) to multi-movement epics about the town’s unique culture and atmosphere (“Land of Peace and Love” and “City on the Hill”).

Call 607.273.8284 or visit

The Ink Shop (330 E. State/MLK St.)

ink shop #2, poison plantsLey Lab Collaboration I and II Portfolio

Ley Lab Collaboration I and II Portfolio’s were organized by Cornell Professor’s Greg Page, Department of Art and Ruth Ley of the Department of Microbiology and Director of the Ley Lab. The portfolio translates in visual terms the research of the Ley Lab concerning microbes, microbial behavior, activity and how microbes affect life.

Poisonous Plants

The Poisonous Plants Portfolio was created in 2014 by the Introductory Print Media class of Professor Gregory Page in collaboration with Todd Bittner and Diane Miske of the Cornell Plantations to produce a portfolio of prints inspired by the book “Wicked Plants” by author Amy Stewart.

Call: 277-3884 or Visit:

Titus Gallery (222 the Commons)


Recent oil, watercolor, and pastel paintings of Martha’s Vineyard, Italy,and Pittsburgh, by Patricia Mae Young. Patricia has won many awards for her paintings. “Now I paint for the pure joy of enjoying nature and being our of doors,” says Patricia.

Call 277-2649 or visit

 Waffle Frolic (146 E State/MLK St. The Ithaca Commons)


Christine McMeekin & M Stein

The shows will be spread between the downstairs and upstairs loft. Both shows will run through Oct 31.

Curated by ARTe

for more info visit

Well Said Media (330 East State/MLK St.)

moving boxAfrican Wildlife Photography by Devan Johnson

Devan Johnson spent the summer of 2012 in South Africa and in her free time ventured out to national parks in both South Africa and Namibia to photograph the wildlife there. This collection of photographs celebrates the power and majesty of wildlife in the region.

Call 273.2403 or visit








































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