July 5th, The Bookery

Floral Happy Dance 2019

The Bookery, 215 North Cayuga Street

  “Infinite Hues”-Ivy Stevens-Gupta

The Bookery is pleased to present work by Ivy Stevens-Gupta with “Infinite Hues”. After working for five months in San Francisco and Seattle, Ithaca artist and color therapist Ivy Stevens-Gupta presents over 20 original paintings inspired by the infinite color combinations found in nature.  Ivy uses acrylic, oil, wax pastel and resin to create her bright and colorful abstract landscapes and florals.


July 5th, Handwork

EstherYaloz at Handwork

Handwork, 102 West State Street

Esther Yaloz

Fabric Mobiles by Planetarium Design
Watch as Handwork artist Esther Yaloz creates her new fabric and metallic foil mobiles in store, using her signature botanical designs.
Snacks and refreshments provided

July 5th, Sandy Wold Art


Sandy Wold Art, 112 West Jay Street

A Decade of Bioregional Bird and Metaphysical Art by Sandy Wold.

Sandy Wold, educator, artist, yoga practitioner, and author/researcher/originator of the Cayuga Basin Bioregion map, shares ten years of watercolors, acrylics, oils, and collage artwork (including a mural and permaculture garden) created from 2009-2019. Since the map was envisioned by Sandy (and painted by another artist), she now paints her own birds! Her passion and focus is on birds and their relationship to their bioregion, international bird conservation, meditation, and transcendence from the distractions of the world stage. Originals will be up for silent auction and prints will be for sale. Ample parking. http://www.sandy-wold.com/

July 5th, Collegetown Bagels


Collegetown Bagels, 203 North Aurora Street

Jeffery Bihr Fine Art Exhibit

“I have been an actor, director, and composer for stage and screen for the last 40 years with an international career. I am excited to be channeling these experiences into a visual medium.

I relocated to the Ithaca community, in the fall of 2014 from my home
and birthplace in the San Francisco Bay area. I love it here-the
seasons, the changes of light; the mix of culture and beautiful rural
environments. The move here has inspired me to paint-to put down on canvas what I have explored in other artistic pursuits: landscapes, nudes, abstracts, seascapes, playing with impressionism, pointillism, realism, naturalism, etc.

July 5th,Sunny Days


Sunny Days, 215 East State Street

Columbine-Susan C. Larkin

Grasses, Arthropods and More: Studies in Black and White. Wherever she goes, Susan looks for plants and insects that might make a good photograph. The black and white images in this exhibit reflect what she has found in her travels.

July 5th, Hilton Garden

image 1

Hilton Garden, 130 East Seneca Street

You are merely a collection of organs-Amy Laurel Callahan

 Amy Laurel Callahan is a graphic designer and artist from Ithaca, NY. These mixed media collages are loosely inspired by the first line of her college biology textbook: “You are merely a collection of organs”.

July 5th, CAP Artspace

CAP ArtSpace, 110 N. Tioga Street

Landscapes and Dreamscapes: Watercolor Explorations – Rachel Kaufmann

This exhibit encompasses several decades of watercolor work, touching on themes of consistency and change, wonder and agency, beauty and transcendence, in the life of the artist and the world all around.

Paris Contrasts – Stan Bowman

In 1986, Stan spent 6 months in Paris. “Paris is a marvelous old classic city, but at the same time it’s a modern metropolis. There was a rich mixture of classical architecture with contemporary sights, signs and posters. I created a series of images that reflected these two contrasting views of the city, using an 8×10 wood field camera. “