May 3rd, Sacred Root Kava Lounge & Tea Bar

Flora2 (1)

Sacred Root Kava Lounge & Tea Bar, 103 South Geneva Street

Works by Gaia Woolf-Nightingall 2014-2019

In celebration of the coming summer months, Sacred Root Kava Lounge & Tea Bar is proud to present the artistic musings of Gaia Woolf-Nightingall. The works on display include the Circles of My Mind series and further works celebrating Global Femininity.
For the month of May Gaia offers her much sought after work for an incredible 25% off. A huge flash sale and rare opportunity to purchase from a popular local artist at a discounted price. Please join us!

May 3rd, Ithaca Coffee Company


Joe Granski (2)

Ithaca Coffee Company, Gateway Commons, 311 East Green Street

Joe Granski

Joe Granski is a painter, illustrator and art teacher originally from Virginia. He specializes in portraits and paintings of people.

May 3rd, PADMA

PADMA, 114 West Buffalo Street

Chandra Russell

Wellness of mind, body, and spirit are all dependent on the quality of water. My photos for this show at Padma intend to honor the magnificence of the water element in its three forms and how each dances differently with light. Capturing the raw essence of light is also respecting the depth of the shadow.

I’m grateful to be sharing this experience with Andy Farnham. All my images were taken within the Finger Lakes region.

Chandra’s image is on the right.

Andrew Farnham

I generally draw or paint from a reference image except when painting abstracts which are done freehand from what comes to mind.  When painting from a reference I do not look to replicate a painting but I sketch the general outline and then refer to the subject from time to time.  Similarly, I do not attempt to strictly replicate the color of the reference piece but rather I like to use bright colors: reds, oranges, and yellows that sometimes are not even present in the subject I am painting. My artwork generally falls into four areas: photo pieces, landscape paintings, abstracts, and portraits. I particularly like the process of taking photographs of landscapes and then painting  my own “impression” of the photo.

May 3rd, Press Cafe

image1 (2)

Press Cafe, Press Bay Alley, 118 West Green Street

Acrylic Dreams by Amelia Kaufman 

Come unwind at the Press Cafe while gazing at this collection of vibrant acrylic paintings. Featuring simple subjects, vivid colors, and entrancing patterns, these art pieces offer a chance to slip into a captivating fantastical realm. Enjoy the experience.

May 3rd, New Roots Charter School

Elevator Music and Art Gallery, New Roots Charter School, 116 North Cayuga Street

Multiverse Portal by Paul Speight

Paul is a self taught visionary artist that started painting after a back injury. His outdoor installations can be seen at Lime Hollow’s Art Trail and include a 33 foot long dragon, several Totem Poles, a 7 foot tall bridge troll and others. On First Friday, Paul will be providing instructions and musical support for this Multiverse Portal use. The idea is to turn Ithaca’s first elevator (that isn’t currently working) back into a transportation device.

May 3rd, Community School of Music and Arts

SOAGGoodman, S-image for CSMA exhibit (1)

CSMA, 330 East State Street

CELEBRATING! Thirty Years at State of the Art Gallery

CSMA welcomes artists of the State of the Art Gallery (SOAG) for their current artist member exhibition, part of SOAG’s 30th Anniversary celebrations. On view at CSMA through May 31 are paintings, drawings, photographs, prints, collage, sculpture, crochet, and mixed media work. All are invited to meet the artists on Gallery Night. Congratulations, State of the Art Gallery!

May 3rd, Handwork


Handwork, 102 West State Street

Jewelry Demonstrations by Laurel O’Brien

Join us for Gallery Night, as Ithaca artist Laurel O’Brien demonstrates the varied techniques involved in making her elegant, nature inspired pieces. Demonstration will include sawing, creating texture with hammers and tools and forming shapes with metal.