October 6: Benjamin Peters

Benjamin Peters 1

Benjamin Peters, 120 The Commons

Linda Zeito

I am a designer, synthesizer and collector.  I have looked at a lot of art and antiques in my life.  I have a background in studio art, art history and “green retail.”  The pieces begin with finding images that speak to me, frames that inspire me or a background that’s enticing.  I then manipulate and assemble the components as “artworks” so that the images can be admired outside their “historical” or original context.  My purpose is to honor the objects; to get you to look and see them in a new way.  I am drawn to objects that are not well known and that one would not come across in a casual way.  I see my art as falling within a “garage sale ethic” of creative reuse.  All of my work is unique and cannot be duplicated because of the one-of-a-kind “upcycled” frames.  Reusing frames is giving them new life and keeping them out of the waste stream.  Finding the correct frame is central to how I present my art works.  I pay myself $15/hour for the inspiration/research and assembly of these pieces, $6 for the purchase of the frames, $4 for the photocopying of the images/backgrounds which totals $25 for each piece.  I want my art to be affordable and educational and appealing.


October 6th: Press Cafe

Press Café. 118 W Green St


 Todd Ugine is an entomologist who has lived in Ithaca since 1999. Passionate about all things film- and camera-related, he’s never without a camera or two with which he can snap pictures. He experiments with both film and digital mediums, and his subjects range from nature, to science, to landscape, to family—all with a focus on composition and crop.

October 6th: Press Bay Alley

press bay alley


Press Bay Alley, 118 West Green St

“Dance Out”

Ithaca Generator cordially invites you to Press Bay Alley to witness a dance “competition”. Enjoy watching dancers compete for prizes by remaining in motion for 11 hours, taking turns in the spotlight interpreting or collaborating. Feast your eyes on DJs initiating the dance with sound, projections and props interjecting the dance with perspective and intention, and painters consecrating the dance with color! The event is a fundraiser for the Ithaca Generator, a community of inventors, crafters, designers, engineers and artists

October 6th: Ten Forward Cafe

Ten Forward

Ten Forward Café, 115 E State St, upstairs at Autumn Leaves Used Bookstore, The Commons

Paintings by Jill Hoffman at Ten Forward Cafe

Hoffman’s paintings celebrate the otherworldly aspects of animals and nature. Her artwork stems from themes of surrealism, mythology, magic, dreams and transformation. For the month of October, Jill will offer a celestial twist to new paintings for this special Ten Forward Cafe edition.”

October 6th: CAP ArtSpace



CAP ArtSpace,  Center Ithaca, adjacent to the Visitor Center

Bubblescapes: Dance of the Spheres.

This exhibit by Daniel McPheeters features pigment ink prints exploring the Cosmos and the vast Dance of Quantum Bubbles.  “The sphere is the ubiquitous geometry of the universe, from stars to subatomic particles. My new landscapes are obsessively drawn in circles to represent the vast dance of quantum spheres.” Thank you to the Tompkins Trust Company for a full year of CAP ArtSpace sponsorship! More about CAP at www.artspartner.org

October 6: Padma Center for Natural Therapies


Padma Center for Natural Therapies 114 W. Buffalo St.

Artist- Bill Deats

I have been drawing and painting from the time that I was a child.  Oil painting quickly became my favorite medium and has remained so through painting various subject matter, (landscapes and figures) and using many application techniques using brushstrokes, palette knife and feathers.

I am calling this show Cosmic Energy because I am painting while seeing myself as a visionary of the energy that is out there and right here in the Universe.  The human realm is only part of the Cosmos.  It is very important to us because we are humans but we are a part of all else in the Cosmos and not the only thing here.

The Human form often comes back into focus in some of the paintings and that is all right with me because we view so much through our human existence.

I am open to working on commissions of conceptual ideas for paintings as well as selling works that I have created.