September 6th, Press Cafe

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Press Café, 118 W. Green St

Sean Gannon-Five Obstructed Poems

In the 6th Century AD, Irish monks who illuminated manuscripts of the Christian scripture were instructed by the reigning pope to, “decorate these pages so that the people will forget their hunger.”

“The words of the text were written in Latin, a language foreign and indecipherable to the people. Yet, knowing that these words were sacred and held great power, the people marveled at the dazzling illumination of these timeless pages.

It is my intention in this show to present five poems whose very reading is obstructed by a kind of decoration.  They are organized to represent five times of day:

Dawn, morning, afternoon, evening, and dusk. They also represent for me five stages of life. The poems are by two Sufi poets; Hafiz and Rumi, the Indian poet Tagore, and TS Eliot.  I believe that the poems hold all of their power undiminished by my feeble attempt at illumination.”

Sean Gannon is a painter, printmaker, and sculptor. His primary medium is marble and granite. He lives in Ithaca NY.



September 6th, CSMA

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CSMA 330 E. State St

Faculty Show

All are invited to the annual Faculty Show of works by the Community School of Music and Arts’ visual arts faculty, with live music tonight performed by CSMA music faculty. We are excited to feature visual artists Ryan Abb, Storn Cook, Jennifer Gibson, Joe Granski, Rob Licht, Kevin Mayer, and Jessica Warner; and musicians John Bunge, Dave Streater, and Melodia Rinaldi. Music begins at 6:00 PM in the gallery. Enjoy the creative styles of CSMA’s talented teaching artists, and get inspired to take a class or lessons this fall! Visit or call (607) 272-1474 for information about upcoming programs and to enroll.

September 6th, Handwork

HOW wreath August 2019 15x15

Handwork 102 West State St

Carol Howell- Floral Wreaths

Watch and learn how Carol creates two different kinds of wreaths in store. Carol uses home grown & dried perennials, annuals, grains and wildflowers. She holds a degree in Horticulture, with a major in floral design and has been a member of Handwork for twenty years.

September 6th, Home Green Home


Annemiek Gallery Night Bio 9-2019 Pic

Home Green Home, 215 E. State St

Annemiek Haralson –Recent Works

“I grew up in the Netherlands, and have lived in the Ithaca area since 1992. When faced with the choice of a career path the toss-up was between nursing and art school. Nursing won out, but I always kept drawing and painting. I paint mostly landscapes, and find my inspiration in the beauty around us. I make sketches and paint outside (plein air) whenever I can. Being in the actual environment helps to make me feel more connected to what I am painting. Often these outdoor paintings will later lead to larger studio pieces. I try to convey the feeling I had when I was originally drawn to a scene, and hope to transfer my love for nature into my paintings.”

September 6th, Sunny Days


Sunny Days, 215 E. State St

Andy Finkle- Animals Eating People Food”

Animals eating food for humans?  Who doesn’t like that?  In this mix of paintings and illustrations, will any of your favorites be featured?  Probably not, but maybe.

“Influenced by 19th century Expressionists and 20th century cartoons, I strive to find the balance between the grotesque and the adorable.  Isolation and mortality are reoccurring themes in my work, but I promise it isn’t all depressing.  I work out of my basement in Ithaca NY.  Lately, in an effort to reduce waste and save money, I have been using more recycled materials as the surface of my paintings.  I focus on painting and drawing but love to experiment with other forms of art when given the opportunity. “

September 6th, The Ink Shop Studio Gallery

Fuchen Chu-2018.10.31-woodcut-sm

Ink Shop Studio Gallery and CSMA Corridor 330 E. State St

Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku | Contemporary Printmakers and Mid Century Modern Architects 

The Ink Shop Printmaking Center will host visiting printmakers and architects from Tokyo with an exhibit displaying prints and drawings. This is the first comprehensive show in the USA of printed art from the Printmaking Department of Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku (Tokyo University of Fine Art).

This show is supported through the JFNY Grant for Arts and Culture and made possible in part with funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, administered by the Community Arts Partnership.

September 6th, Hilton Garden Inn

Sept Artist

Hilton Garden Inn 130 E. Seneca St

Aiza Ahmed-Current Works

Aiza Ahmed is currently a senior majoring in Fine Art at Cornell University. Ahmed’s work explores the human figure largely influenced by her South Asian background.