First Friday Gallery Night

Here’s what’s on view in downtown Ithaca:

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The next First Friday Gallery Night will take place on Friday, June 5th 

Argos Inn (408 E. State/MLK St.)

*ARTCLUBArt Club presents “Your Community Art Project”

During Ithaca Festival, Art Club invited the town to participate in DIY Art Stations at the Argos Inn with the purpose of creating community art projects and the knowledge that we are indeed Better Together. On Gallery Night, we will proudly display these art pieces that were all created by you, members of our community.


Art in the Alley: June Edition (Press Bay Alley 116-118 W. Green Street)

Join is in Press Bay Alley for the triumphant return of Art in the Alley our monthly outdoor art show.

Benjamin Peters (120 the Commons)

Landscapes by Carl Schofield 

Benjamin PetersCanvas and satin fabric gallery wrapped prints of landscapes photographed in the Finger Lakes region and other areas.


Call: 273-1371

Call: 273-1371 Visit:

Buffalo Street Books (215 N. Cayuga St.)

Alice Muhlback

The Wizard of OZ- Art and Set Design

buffalo street booksIn case you missed the show, or even better if you saw the show, here is your chance to see and purchase the ART from the production of Running To Places youth community theater show of the Wizard of Oz at the State Theater.. The art and set design, along with back-ground projections, were made by artist Alice Muhlback (also known as Spirit and Kitsch) who was invited by R2P director Joey Steinhagen. Come to Oz and see the cardboard marvels and poster art, along with projection images and sketches.

Call 273-8246

Community Arts Partnership ArtSpace (171 State/MLK St. The Commons – enter at Visitor Center)

capKathy Armstrong, Getting to Know You: One Artist’s First Year Impression of the Finger Lakes Region

Kathy Armstrong’s exhibit features watercolor and acrylic paintings of local people and places around Tompkins County. “Since moving to the area from the Midwest a little over a year ago, I have had a great time exploring this beautiful Finger Lakes area and seeing it with an artist’s eye. I’ve been painting en plein air and also in my studio in Trumansburg. I’ve painted local farms, waterfalls, a series of cupola paintings from houses in Trumansburg, and local businesses.”


Community School of Music and Arts (330 E. State/MLK St.)

csmaJoyce Stillman-myers:

Real • Super Real • From Real

Joyce Stillman-myers, internationally recognized for her super-realistic artwork, shows paintings ranging from super-realism to abstraction in her current exhibition at CSMA.

Call: 272-1474

or Visit:

Decorum – Too (215 N. Cayuga St. Dewitt Mall)

decorum tooCarol Ast, self-described painter and lover of landscape, will exhibit small works in pastel, land and seascapes of various places she has traveled to recently as well as luminous paintings of wondrous skies.

Call 319-0944

or visit

 Elevator Music and Art Gallery

@New Roots Charter School (116 North Cayuga Street/The Clinton House)

new roots Photography: The Science Behind the Art, and the Art Behind the Science

As 11th grade students at New Roots Charter School, we’ve studied light as electromagnetic energy, and the interactions between light and matter. In so doing, we’ve applied concepts from Physics, Geometry, Chemistry, and Art to create functional pinhole cameras and to reveal the photographs they produce. We’ve also used digital photography to capture scientific phenomena in nature. Come learn about how understanding the science behind something observable in nature can make our universe seem all the more fascinating!

Visit or call (607) 882-9220

Handwork (102 W. State/MLK St.)

handworkHandwork’s 39th Anniversary Celebration! Featuring three in-house artist demonstrations for Gallery Night – Turtle Island Pottery, A Few Good Bananas Up-cycled Fashions, and Fingerlake Footprints; Watercolors by Bill Mowson. Raffle tickets available for purchase for a chance to win one of Handwork’s ‘Local Treasures’ Gift Baskets. Refreshments provided.

Call 273.9400 or visit

Ithaca College Art Department’s Creative Space Gallery (215 State/MLK St.)

Illuminated Sculpture

Visit The Creative Space Gallery for a selection of illuminated steel and paper sculptures, created by students from the Intermediate Sculpture studio at Ithaca College. Exhibition dates: June 5-28. Summer gallery hours Thursday through Sunday 12-5pmThe show will be open Saturdays and Sundays 12-5 until May 17th.

Ithacamade (430 W. State/MLK St.)

ithacamadeIthacamade Etsy Craft Party

Etsy Craft Party is a global celebration of meeting and making. 2015 marks the 5th year Ithacamade has hosted our Etsy Craft Party.

This year’s theme is “Kaleidoscope: Paper Takes Shape”.

Call: 272-1396 or


Kitchen Theatre Company (417 W. State/MLK St.)

kitchen theatreTapestries by Mary Kester

Kester travels regularly for inspiration to neolithic sites in Ireland, France and England, then creates layered tapestries, which she exhibits locally, regionally and nationally. Kester says, “My tapestries exploit the tactile woven medium in forms that give the illusion of depth and monumentality. They are abstractions from human and landscape forms and Neolithic stone sites.”

Call: 272-0403 or Visit:

Moving Box Studios (330 East State/MLK St.)

moving box jpegThe American West: A Tribute to Ansel Adams

The American West is a tribute to the great Ansel Adams, whose iconic black and white images helped to establish photography among the fine arts. Throughout his career, Adams was committed to effecting social and political change through art, particularly in the area of wilderness preservation. This collection, inspired by his legacy, comprises photographs from Yosemite, Zion, and Grand Canyon National Parks.

Call 607.273.2403 or visit

Sarah’s Patisserie (130 E. Seneca St. at Seneca Place)

sarah'sBrian DeYoung

Lines, Squares and Dots

DeYoung’s work is often angular and geometric, with a few pointillism pieces thrown in. He works on plywood rather than traditional canvas, and most of his pieces are repurposed materials. The work is abstract but with many small details.

Call 319.0272 or visit

SewGreen and The Art and Found (112 N Cayuga Street)

sewgreenIthaca Youth Bureau Student Art

SewGreen and The Art and Found are hosting a month-long show of pottery and paintings by Ithaca Youth Bureau art students ranging in age from 3 years old to adult. They are students of Youth Bureau instructor Marsha Acerra, who has curated the show to feature the work of students who have taken her art classes for most of their young lives, as well as the creations of some very young artists!


Silky Jones (214 E State St, Ithaca)

silky jonesJen Lightfoot’s pencil and ink drawings combine elements of the erotic and the grotesque.

Little Nightmares is an exhibit that continues her exploration of the dark, surreal, and sensual while also experimenting with themes and narratives often found in dreams.



State of the Art Gallery (120 W. State/MLK St.)

“Dreamscape: Landscapes and Skyscapes Reimagined,” new work by Daniel McPheeters

The artist states: “My Dreamscapes tend to be landscapes and skyscapes in which I include structured elements such as circles, lines and grids…to suggest the underlying laws of nature and mathematical beauty. These works attempt to combine the beauty of nature as both lyrical and scientific.”

Call: 277-1626 or Visit:

Sunny Days of Ithaca (123 S. Cayuga St.)

sunny daysMichele Steffey, Finger Lakes Fine Art Prints

In Michele Steffey’s landscape photography, striking images with depth and textural qualities reveal the artist’s love of the outdoors, especially watery environments. Steffey strives to create images that resist being categorized as simply documentary, but which are also evocative of the time and place in which they were made.

Call 319-5260

Tompkins County Public Library (101 E. Green St.)

class photo

class photo

Tompkins County Public Library presents “Cornell Off Campus” and “Visual Culture: Art from Ithaca High School Students during 2014-15 year” at Gallery Opening Night and invites you to join one of curator Julee Johnson’s fascinating guided tours of “Cornell Off Campus: the Impact of Cornellians on Tompkins County 1865 – 2015” at 5:15 pm and 6:15 pm during Gallery Opening Night on Friday, June 5th. Even if you have already seen the exhibit, the wealth of additional information provided by Johnson is worth a second visit. Learn little known facts about these impactful Cornellians such as music teacher Laura Bryant coached football to pull young men into the choir and Everett F. Morse paid to attend Cornell with royalties from a patent he took out at the age of 16.

Tompkins County Public Library is open until 6:00 PM on Fridays. After 6:00 PM please enter the Library through the BorgWarner door behind the bus shelter on Green Street. The Library will be open for Gallery Night until 7 PM, tours will take place at 5:15 and 6:15 PM.

Call: 272 4557 or E-mail or visit

The CommonSpot (126¾ State/MLK St.)

the common spotDomenica Brockman

An Exhibit of oil paintings depicting the local landscape in all seasons

Domenica Brockman’s work is inspired by the beauty of the natural world, particularly the effects of light on trees in the landscapes of the Finger Lakes region. She strives to capture the ever-changing colors and scenery, and no matter what the weather, she is always looking for the sun, as she seeks to depict its constant, reassuring presence in the form of light in the picture.

Visit or call 592.2222

The History Center in Tompkins County (401 E. State/MLK St.)

THCJune5FFGNLocal History Matters: Early Treasures from the Collection

The material culture of history is as varied as the people who live in a community. This exhibition will feature some of the oldest items in our collection, and represent the many different kinds of things that we preserve. Local History Matters: Early Treasures from the Collection embodies the essence of a history museum’s mission, and in doing so, shows the many ways there are to tell the story of our local community.

Call 273.8284 or visit

 The Ink Shop (330 E. State/MLK St.)

2 shows on view:

Ink Shop Annual Members’ Exhibition 2015

The Ink Shop Printmaking Center’s Annual Members’ Exhibit features Ink Shop artists exploring many styles and varied printmaking techniques. The Ink Shop has developed a solid reputation for providing professionally curated exhibitions, has shown artists/printmakers from all over the world, and been invited to show work nationally and internationally. Come June and July and explore our exhibit of over twenty member artists

And continuing:

DUETS: Reveling in Remembering

Laurie Snyder exhibis recent photographs and artists books at the Ink Shop Printmaking Center. The new series, “Duets: Reveling in Remembering” reflects her response to the profound changes in her life. It has been a time of re-learning, re-membering, re-making, re-garding and re-creating.

Call: 277-3884 or Visit:

Titus Gallery (222 the Commons)


Chinese and Japanese Vintage and Antique art, the collection of Susan Titus and Matthew J. Peterson. Several hand printed Woodblock and Silkscreen limited editions.

This show continues until June 29th.

Call 277-2649 or visit

































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